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Abrasives, Cut, Grind & Finish
Metal finishing abrasives - grinding wheels, cut off wheels, grinding discs, flap discs and coated abrasives.
Wedge, drop-in & sleeve anchors. L-anchors & concrete screws. Wall & screw expansion anchors.
Assortments, Fasteners
Graded bolts, nuts & washers in bins or drawers.
Bolts, Hex Head Cap Screws
Graded hex head cap screws in US & Metric sizes, plain, plated, galvanized and stainless steel. Full thread TAP bolts.
Bolts, Special Purpose
Carriage, elevator, plow, lag, flange, eye & square head bolts. Step, timber & U-bolts.
Nuts, Inch & Metric
Graded nuts in US & Metric sizes, machine, jam, lock, castle, coupling, acme, wing, & stainless steel nuts.
Bolts, Heavy Hex & Structural
INCH and METRIC, graded bolts, nuts, washers, anchors and threaded rods.
Screws, Inch & Metric
Machine, self-drilling, self-tapping, thread cutting, lag, square head & set screws, alloy & stainless.
Socket Head Cap Screws
Graded socket screws, standard, flat, button & low head. Shoulder & set screws, US, Metric, alloy & stainless.
Threaded Rod & Studs
INCH and METRIC, alloy and stainless, threaded rod in 3' thru 12' lengths.
Washers, Inch & Metric
Washers & Shims, flat, fender, thick, split lock, star, bevel, square & structural. US, Metric, alloy and stainless.
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